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NameCodeTerrain Difficulty LatitudeLongitudeStateDateLogTypeLogText
Brunswick-Devine Lookout, Ocean Shores, NSWTP49462.0 2.0 S 28° 31.493E 153° 32.289New South Wales21/08/2010Found itBeautiful Views up here. The kids were amazed! It was a lovely clear winters day. Did the GC cache as well.
Maclean TrigTP31091.0 1.0 S 29° 27.316E 153° 12.944New South Wales28/08/2010Found itBeautiful Views from this Trig. I was in town doing a couple of GC caches. One not too far from here....
TS Dodd, Lismore, NSWTP49422.0 2.0 S 28° 48.434E 153° 17.813New South Wales07/10/2010Found itNabbed this one on the way to dinner with fellow cachers. Located very close to another little treasure!
Toongarabah Trig Point, Tweed HeadsTP29172.0 1.0 S 28° 10.873E 153° 32.111New South Wales29/01/2011Found itDecided to have a look up here, as I was passing through on my way to Surfers. What a great view. I’ll bet that there aren’t as many trig points that have been looked after like this one, and that have such beautiful gardens around them! I had a look for the nearby GC cache, but decided to leave it to another time, as the wind was blowing a gale up here, and we were a bit late for an appointment anyway.
Point Danger AreaTP07771.5 1.0 S 28° 09.920E 153° 33.023Queensland12/05/2011Found itI had lunch at Point Danger today and hadn’t logged this trig yet so decided to go over and take the customary photograph. Great views from up here. It’s a shame that the trig doesn’t have the black marker on top anymore – looks kind of funny with the poly pipe cap on top!
Coopers Shoot TrigTP54281.0 1.5 S 28° 40.672E 153° 35.880New South Wales28/06/2011Found itOn my way back from Byron today I thought I’d check out how close I could get to this trig. I got to the fence and took a photo or two. It would be great to be able to walk over to the trig – the view would be spectacular! The sky was crystal clear today, the winter sun was just beautiful, and the grass was lush and green. The cows grazing in the trigpoint’s paddock certainly had nothing to complain about! Thanks to Zal for listing this one on the site.
Mrs Macquarie's PointTP58221.0 1.0 S 33° 51.565E 151° 13.308New South Wales07/07/2011Found itThis was my last night in Sydney so I decided to wander up from my hotel in Surry Hills to have a look at Sydney lit up at night. I wanted to mark this trig point off my list as well. I found it without any trouble so lined up the camera for a photo or two, and nothing… the batteries were dead. Shit. What to do? Then I remembered my phone has a little camera built into it, so I whipped it out and took a couple of grainy snaps. This would be a great spot to have a decent camera to get that postcard shot of the Bridge and Opera House.
South Casino TrigTP58931.0 1.0 S 28° 52.283E 153° 02.782New South Wales19/07/2011Found itI have seen this trig point many times as I've driven between Coraki and Casino. I don't think there's a (legal) way to get up there though!
Murwillumbah Trig PointTP53871.0 1.0 S 28° 19.958E 153° 23.296New South Wales06/08/2011Found itI was passing through Murwillumbah today and decided to log this trig. I’ve been meaning to log it so many times before. I had previously logged the GC cache up here (and saw it hiding in its spot today), but forgot to take the required photo with the TP. Dark clouds were brewing up today, but they only produced a couple of drops of rain.
Fingal Head, Tweed Heads, NSWTP49322.0 2.0 S 28° 11.997E 153° 34.246New South Wales06/09/2011Found itI found the trig nice and easy today – unlike the nearby cache that eluded me. There’s always a next time. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk up to the look out from the nearby car park. Such a nice spot up here, beautiful views of the ocean and coastline. The gulls flying around the distant Cook Island made it look like an eerie lost world. I couldn’t get too close to the trig, as it was inside the temporary fence that the council workers had erected while they fix the stairs and decking to the lighthouse.
Bangalow TrigTP60831.0 1.0 S 28° 40.788E 153° 31.557New South Wales26/10/2011Found itI dropped by the water tank to find a new geocache hidden this week. As I arrived at GZ, I spotted the trig. A lot of the trigs around this area have some spectacular views – this one is no exception. Shame about the graffiti on it though.
Evans Head TrigTP61021.5 1.0 S 29° 06.924E 153° 26.364New South Wales16/11/2011Found itI was in the area for work, and was up at the lookout trying to find another cache - but there were too many muggles at GZ. On my way back to the car, I saw the familiar shape of a Trig station. Yet another one with fantastic ocean views.
Bald Rock, Bald Rock National ParkTP49553.5 1.5 S 28° 51.161E 152° 02.410New South Wales27/12/2011Found itAfter a busy Christmas period, I decided to take a day to myself and climb Bald Rock. It was a great day for a climb, and there weren’t too many others to share the park with. I chose the easier path up and the harder trek down. It’s a nice spot up here - as well as the trig point there is a visitors book to read & sign, and a plaque marking the distance of how far different landmarks and towns are. This is one of the better trigs – a great hike to find it, and great views when you get there. 5 stars!
CentralTP60071.0 1.0 S 33° 52.938E 151° 12.361New South Wales13/05/2012Found itDown in Sydney for work, staying at the Sebel in Surry Hills. I can see the tower from my window! They certainly don’t have trigs like that back home. The photo makes the clock tower look more like a lighthouse though! I’m looking forward to grabbing a few new caches in the area while I’m in town this week.
Ballina Trig Point, Shelly Beach, NSW, AustraliaTP50551.5 1.0 S 28° 51.826E 153° 35.372New South Wales10/07/2012Found itThis is one of the trigs I hadn't gotten around to finding yet. Today was the day. I found Waldenclan's cache at the beach, so drove uphill to the lookout to spot a glimpse of the trig. The kids climbed up the stairs to see what they could see. Nice part of the world.
Goonellabah Trig PointTP53491.5 2.0 S 28° 49.329E 153° 19.044New South Wales10/07/2012Found itBeen a bit of a slacker with this one. Been meaning to get up there to take the photo and log the trig for some times, but it seems like there's no urgency with trigpoints. They don't tend to go missing and get archived as much as geocaches.

Thanks for adding this one to the database, Waldenclan!
Circular QuayTP58981.0 1.0 S 33° 51.792E 151° 12.678New South Wales21/11/2012Found itGot this one at night. Nice light shows on the harbour!
CentrepointTP59111.0 1.0 S 33° 52.230E 151° 12.571New South Wales21/11/2012Found itGrabbed this one from Hyde Park. The building looks even more ridiculous with the owners brand written on the side. Another trig down.
Pylon NorthTP59021.0 1.0 S 33° 51.012E 151° 12.738New South Wales20/02/2013Found it4th GCA cache for the night - and that's enough. Back to the motel after this one - the feet had done enough walking. Great trig. Nice to be able to spot three in only 30 mins.
Harbour Bridge LightTP59051.0 1.0 S 33° 51.132E 151° 12.642New South Wales20/02/2013Found itWent for a walk over the bridge, grabbing the three trigs along the way - well, not physically grabbing them - you know what I mean... Light was low, so the photo is grainy. One of the most prominent trigs in the database me thinks!
Pylon SouthTP59061.0 1.0 S 33° 51.276E 151° 12.576New South Wales20/02/2013Found itFound this one on a walk over the bridge - something I've wanted to fo for a while now. Nice walk with a refreshing breeze. Grabbed a GC cache on my trek too. This is a trig with some wow factor!
Bald Rock, Bald Rock National ParkTP49553.5 1.5 S 28° 51.161E 152° 02.410New South Wales11/06/2018Found itWent for some hikeage today, was feeling the need so decided it was gonna be Bald Rock that I attacked. I missed this one last time, so got it checked of my list today. Awesome trig - they're aren't many better than this.
ARMIDALE EDM TESTLINE PM58035TP67231.5 1.0 S 30° 31.357E 151° 41.123New South Wales07/07/2018Found it4 of 4. Woohoo!
ARMIDALE EDM TESTLINE PM58036TP67241.5 1.0 S 30° 31.393E 151° 41.259New South Wales07/07/2018Found itGrabbed this one with its other 3 mates.
ARMIDALE EDM TESTLINE PM58037TP67261.5 1.0 S 30° 31.427E 151° 41.385New South Wales07/07/2018Found itGrabbed this one with the other 3!
ARMIDALE EDM TESTLINE PM58038TP67271.5 1.0 S 30° 31.455E 151° 41.481New South Wales07/07/2018Found itNice easy find. Walked past so many times as a kid.
TS6660 - ClunesTP75022.5 2.0 S 28° 43.494E 153° 25.116New South Wales05/08/2018Found itDriven past this one like a million times, but didn't stop till today. Jumped over the gate just west of GZ and walked in. Funny thing though, the fenced yard around the nearby telecom tower was unlocked an open. I thought these places were under lock and key. Easy trig to find.
Namoona TrigTP78401.0 1.0 S 28° 48.243E 153° 00.044New South Wales23/08/2018Found itTrig is on private property, but easily visible from Summerland way. The property is named after the trig, and on their sign, show a bull standing in front of the trig.
TerranoraTP69131.0 1.5 S 28° 12.350E 153° 31.047New South Wales30/08/2018Found itThere's some awesome views from some of the streets leading up to the Trig - imagine the view from the top of the trig tower! A quick Trig find on a caching adventure at the Gold Coast.
Ballina CORSTP76381.5 1.5 S 28° 52.360E 153° 33.845New South Wales04/09/2018Found itDown in Ballina today for work, and was driving past this area so decided to stop and log me a Trig. East to find, attached to the Department of Lands building. Was great to see the rain while I was in town - its been months since it's fallen previously.
Captain Cook Memorial LighthouseTP69141.0 1.0 S 28° 09.901E 153° 33.045New South Wales08/11/2018Found itA passive trig with a view! I've been up here a bit, but only just logging it today. It's always a popular spot, especially on weekends. I popped in before work to snap a pic.
Cape Byron Trig Point, Byron Bay HeadlandTP49732.0 1.0 S 28° 38.325E 153° 38.177New South Wales11/11/2018Found itGrabbed this as part of the 3 GCA caches up here. I like that they painted the lighthouse to match the trig. Very thoughtful.
Casino CORSTP69551.5 1.5 S 28° 51.935E 153° 02.854New South Wales11/11/2018Found itGrabbed this one on my way back from a caching trip in Drake. There's not much left for me in find in Casino, so it's good to have this one checked off the list.
Cape Byron LighthouseTP76622.0 1.0 S 28° 38.313E 153° 38.182New South Wales11/11/2018Found itWanted a quick outing today, so popped up to the lighthouse. I don't come up here too often, usually too busy with holiday makers - but I felt like a Sunday drive, and there were two trigs and a virtual cache I had yet to score at this spot in Byron. Great 'passive' trig!
Cudgen TrigTP78831.5 1.0 S 28° 15.777E 153° 34.400New South Wales16/11/2018Found itFound this one quite by accident. Was driving along Cudgen Rd, and thought I saw a trig on one of the towns water tanks. I've never noticed it before! We did a blocker, and sure enough, it looks like a trig. Got home and had a look at the NSW_Survey_Mark (MapServer) maps from, and a trig. Bet this trig has an amazing view up there!
Timbarra TrigTP53203.5 1.5 S 28° 56.633E 152° 08.617New South Wales22/11/2018Found itWhat a fun trig - a nice dive in to the scrub, then a little hike up some rocks and there it is! I wish the ladder was still there! Imagine the 360 degree view from the top. This was the first find of a great day of caching around Tenterfield.
Byron View TrigTP61571.0 1.0 S 28° 39.615E 153° 33.679New South Wales06/12/2018Found itThis is the closest trig to home that I had yet to find. Funny how a geocaching game makes you try that little bit harder to mark these unfound caches/trigs off your list! I was close by for work, so deviated over St Helena to grab this one. The oleanders were out and smelt amazing as I drove up to the towers. As I got closer, my mobile reception died all together. You think it would be nice and strong so close to the transceivers.

The trig was found quickly, and the customary photographs were taken. Great spot - I'm jealous of those in the house up there!

Lennox Head TrigTP65442.0 1.0 S 28° 48.284E 153° 35.753New South Wales06/12/2018Found itGrabbed this cache on a slight detour from Byron to Ballina today. I was out and about for work, and needed a GCA find or two so I can have a couple of moves in the Journey or Destination game. Easy cache to find, and there would be a killer view, if only for the trees. Such a big open block is pretty rare to find these days. I bet the land that the trig is sitting on is worth a fortune.

Great trig!
Kingscliff GPS (CORS)TP72521.0 1.5 S 28° 16.304E 153° 34.492New South Wales09/12/2018Found itAfter completing the trig line on the beach, I headed south to grab this trig that I keep forgetting about. Such a nice day today, so I took the customary photo, and headed north to meet up with geono, for some beach time. A beautiful day on the north coast again today.
Kingscliff Baseline PM90201TP72531.5 1.0 S 28° 14.875E 153° 34.215New South Wales09/12/2018Found itGrabbed this one on our way north today. I've been saving these trigs/baselines for a special occasion - and by logging them this month, I'll get a few more turns at my Journey or Destination Game grid.
Kingscliff Baseline PM90202TP72541.0 1.0 S 28° 14.860E 153° 34.211New South Wales09/12/2018Found itGrabbed this one today, as well as its 6 mates all in a row.
Kingscliff Baseline PM90203TP72551.0 1.0 S 28° 14.807E 153° 34.193New South Wales09/12/2018Found itGrabbed this one today - and what a beautiful day it was!
Kingscliff Baseline PM90204TP72561.0 1.0 S 28° 14.702E 153° 34.158New South Wales09/12/2018Found itAll these ducks sitting in a row - time to log them all, and best of all it will help me (hopefully) jump up the ladder in the Journey or Destination games that we're playing right now! There's no better place to walk a baseline trig line!
Kingscliff Baseline PM90205TP72571.0 1.0 S 28° 14.581E 153° 34.119New South Wales09/12/2018Found itGetting to the end of the baseline points - a nice little walk to log all of these. If only all trigs were this easy!
Kingscliff Baseline PM90206TP72581.0 1.0 S 28° 14.548E 153° 34.109New South Wales09/12/2018Found itThe second last one! Theres a good view right down the line of trigs from here. An awesome short stroll, and it nets 7 finds! Perfect when playing the Journey or Destination games!
Kingscliff Baseline PM90207TP72591.0 1.0 S 28° 14.499E 153° 34.095New South Wales09/12/2018Found itLucky last! What a nice easy run of trigpoints! Never has it been so easy to score so many trigs in so little time!
Ormeau AreaTP09512.0 2.0 S 27° 45.962E 153° 13.468Queensland11/01/2019Found itWell this is a trig with a difference - and a limited life span I'd say. I found what looked like the closest way in, and said hello to a local resident who had no issue with me climbing this hill that is quickly being boxed in by industrial buildings. Found the trig tree without any issue and took the obligatory photo. There's a native bee nest in the tree - it's interesting to watch them come and go. They stood boldly guarding the front door to their nest, but as they don't sting, this was the best defence they could manage. I enjoyed this trig.
Martins Lookout TrigTP54441.0 1.0 S 29° 44.626E 151° 45.048New South Wales18/01/2019Found itThis one was so close to the CORS - so convenient. We snapped the required pic and had a gander at the town from the lookout. It's so dry at the moment, but Glen Innes was the greenest town we'd passed through.
FurracabadTP61202.0 1.0 S 29° 43.257E 151° 44.574New South Wales18/01/2019Found itFancy having a trig like this in your backyard! We snapped a pic from the driveway. It was found very easily. Try saying the name of this cache fast 10 times - it difficult to pronounce without it sounding like you're swearing! Great trig, and that's 3 of 3 Glen Innes trigs checked off my list.
Glen Innes CORSTP65251.0 1.0 S 29° 44.613E 151° 45.100New South Wales18/01/2019Found itWe were rolling into town from Lismore to Armidale today. So happy that Glen Innes has 3 GCA Trigs for me to log. Now that's helpful in the Journey and Destination game. I've been up to this area a few times before - but never this far up. Found the CORS attached to the building and took the required pic.
Grafton Test Line Trig PM58045TP66141.0 1.0 S 29° 41.257E 152° 51.907New South Wales18/01/2019Found itGrabbed this one on our way from Lismore to Armidale today. Decided to take the scenic route through the Gibraltar Range - there's a few new caches along this road that I hadn't logged yet. It was time to get this line of trigs too. These will really help with the Journey and Destination game!
Grafton Test Line Trig PM58043TP66151.0 1.0 S 29° 41.116E 152° 52.084New South Wales18/01/2019Found itGrabbed this one on our way from Lismore to Armidale today. Decided to take the scenic route through the Gibraltar Range - there's a few new caches along this road that I hadn't logged yet. It was time to get this line of trigs too. These will really help with the Journey and Destination game!
Grafton Test Line Trig PM58046TP66161.0 1.0 S 29° 41.338E 152° 51.804New South Wales18/01/2019Found itGrabbed this one on our way from Lismore to Armidale today. Decided to take the scenic route through the Gibraltar Range - there's a few new caches along this road that I hadn't logged yet. It was time to get this line of trigs too. These will really help with the Journey and Destination game!
Grafton Test Line Trig PM 58044TP66251.0 1.0 S 29° 41.183E 152° 51.998New South Wales18/01/2019Found itGrabbed this one on our way from Lismore to Armidale today. Decided to take the scenic route through the Gibraltar Range - there's a few new caches along this road that I hadn't logged yet. It was time to get this line of trigs too. These will really help with the Journey and Destination game!
GuyraTP68411.5 1.0 S 30° 15.608E 151° 40.989New South Wales18/01/2019Found itA nice easy find from the New England Highway. I grabbed this one on my way to an event in town. Great to see that a little town has two trigs up for grabs. This certainly helps with the Journey or Destination game!
Grafton CORSTP69601.0 1.0 S 29° 41.582E 152° 55.974New South Wales18/01/2019Found itThis one was tricky - it was on the last side of the building that we checked. The area was very quiet though, as it was just after 6am when we called by.
AbattoirTP70421.5 1.0 S 30° 11.790E 151° 40.645New South Wales18/01/2019Found itA nice easy find - I remember when this place shut down. Only just spotted the trig from the road, so I walked up the embankment to get a better photo. Lots of wild raspberries fruiting here at the moment. Snacked on a couple of them then moved downtown for the other Guyra trig.
Junction Hill ReservoirTP71041.0 1.0 S 29° 38.425E 152° 55.573New South Wales18/01/2019Found itWe were on a road trip to Armidale today, and this was the first port of call. We found it on a nice foggy Grafton morning, at around 6am. It was going to be a scorcher today, so we were enjoying the mild climate while we could. Nice easy trig to find.
Armidale 2 CORSTP76531.0 1.0 S 30° 31.253E 151° 40.481New South Wales18/01/2019Found itIt was school holidays, so I thought there would be buckleys of photographing this one. But the school was open and not a soul to be found - so we slipped in and took the required photo.
Armidale CORSTP66861.0 1.0 S 30° 30.864E 151° 39.956New South Wales19/01/2019Found itA quick find today as we were heading home to Lismore. Armidale was pretty quiet today, and ridiculously hot too. Since when did Armidale get to 36 degrees! A nice easy CORS to log.
St Mary's Armidale - PassiveTP67481.0 1.0 S 30° 30.959E 151° 39.843New South Wales19/01/2019Found itSo many trigs in Armidale, even if this one is Passive! Had to grab this one and the virtual. 2 caches, 1 photo! Another step in the journey or destination game!
YambaTP49752.0 2.0 S 29° 26.020E 153° 21.727New South Wales25/01/2019Found itAnother trig in excellent condition, and in a great spot with a nice view. I've seen this one on so many visits to Yamba, but am only today logging it.
Nanegai (Iluka Bluff)TP49762.0 2.0 S 29° 23.872E 153° 22.298New South Wales25/01/2019Found itWhat an awesome day to tackle this trig! A nice board-walk right to where I needed to go, plus amazing beach views on a warm summer day. Outstanding!
Hiawatha Reservoir TSTP57182.0 2.0 S 29° 46.489E 153° 17.564New South Wales25/01/2019Found itWell I made this one a lot harder than it could have been! I entered the caravan park, and climbed up the hill at the back, directly up to the reservoir. What a climb, with sound slipping under my feet. Two steps up and one step back! Once I got there, I took the required pic and had a look around... and then found an old road that leads back down to where I left the car. How did I miss that! A wonderful little hike. Unfortunately I got mobile service being up this high, and the voicemails all came through. I was really enjoying having no reception - even if it was only for a few hours.
Iluka ReservoirTP64601.0 1.0 S 29° 24.827E 153° 21.530New South Wales25/01/2019Found itThe second trig in Iluka - not quite a scenic as the last one, but a trig nonetheless.
Broadwater GSTP68492.5 2.0 S 29° 00.754E 153° 26.481New South Wales25/01/2019Found itYep, that little hill is a killer on a hot day! Luckily I was there pretty early today and it wasn't too hot yet, but I certainly worked up a sweat. A trig in good condition - I like it. I had a few others on the radar today - this was stop number 1.
Yamba CORSTP69811.5 1.0 S 29° 26.847E 153° 21.474New South Wales25/01/2019Found itFound it nice and easy, but the smell was a bit strong today!
Yamba Lighthouse TPTP70761.0 1.0 S 29° 25.948E 153° 21.843New South Wales25/01/2019Found itLogged this one and the virtual at the same time. Yamba has plenty of trigs on offer!
Angourie Reservoir TPTP70772.5 2.0 S 29° 27.851E 153° 21.039New South Wales25/01/2019Found itI was in the area, and decided it was high time I searched for this one. I walked up to the Reservoir and saw the pole. After a quick scout around, I found the vanes laying in the paddock. Someone had set fire to it and the stump next to it. The pole was a little melted and the vanes badly rusted. I put what was left of the top of this trig on the stump for the next people to find a bit easier. The vanes are located at the co-ordinates listed on this log. A nice little walk, but it was pretty warm today - so I was glad that the next trigs I found were by the sea. Great little morning adventure!
Wooli ReservoirTP73744.0 1.0 S 29° 52.376E 153° 15.920New South Wales25/01/2019Found itFound this one in Wooli today. It was a warm day so once this one was checked off I found the trig close by at the beach and went for a dip!
Wooli TPTP73872.5 2.5 S 29° 51.705E 153° 16.076New South Wales25/01/2019Found itWhat a trig! Such an awesome location and the trig is in good condition. There's even a picnic table anchored to the trig! Once I logged this one, it was straight into the water for a swim. No one else around for as far as I could see. It was such a hot day, and the swim was so refreshing!
T.S. Diggers CampTP72692.5 1.5 S 29° 49.532E 153° 17.049New South Wales27/01/2019Found itThis lady in white was watching me as I drove down the heavily rutted road down towards Diggers Camp. I parked at what looked the shortest distance and best grade to the trig and made the quick climb up the hill. I would have preferred better footwear other than thongs today though. A beautiful view from the trig point, and she's in excellent condition.
Burringbar trigTP22023.0 2.0 S 28° 23.890E 153° 27.970New South Wales28/01/2019Found itDecided to try my luck at this one today. It was 36 degrees and I was going to stay indoors - but that's no fun. I made the quick trip up the Tweed Valley Way and parked at the National Parks locked gate. The track started off easy enough, an old service road wide enough for a vehicle started leading upward - then I branched off onto a narrow, one person wide track though some denser forest. There was a bit of lantana starting to grow over some places, but I pruned most of it back to preserve the track. As I got closer to the trig the grade increased and I could feel my legs heating up. Then there it was - a little bit of a view towards Wooyong beach and the mighty lady in white waiting for me on top of the mountain. She's in good condition. It was a nice shady walk, and was shady up the top here too. Really loved the little hike to this one. I was going to go down the hill on the eastern track, and rejoin the service road but it looked a bit steep. Because it's been so dry there was plenty of leaf litter that hadn't been washed down the mountain, so it would have been a bit slippery under foot. This would be a great trig to do in the rain - you'd feel like you were in Jurassic Park! I notices some old cycads growing here too. I haven't seen them any where else except for Mt Warning and occasionally Bunnings flogs them off for $40.

A wonderful little hike, would recommend this to anyone.
Dunoon TSTP79121.5 1.0 S 28° 40.467E 153° 19.371New South Wales17/03/2019Found itI've been looking at some maps of the area, and discovered that there should be a trig here somewhere. I drove up to the gate, and wandered in - and sure enough - there it is in all it's glory. On top of the water tank. Took the required photo.
Nimbin CORSTP79132.5 1.5 S 28° 35.870E 153° 13.894New South Wales17/03/2019Found itFound this CORS station when browsing SIX maps, and decided to see if it was achievable. I had to jump over a locked gate and walk 100m up the road to see a photograph the CORS station, which is easily seen on the small office at this Lismore City Council site.
Mackenzie trigTP67462.0 2.0 S 29° 05.170E 151° 58.001New South Wales19/04/2019Found itI was hiking at Girraween National Park today, so decided I should visit this trig before I went home. Great view from the mountain over Tenterfield and area. I parked at the lookout, then walked the 250m up to the transmission towers. Came across a mother and joey kangaroo. She grunted at me as I walked past, and it wasn't long and I was at the trig. Another one off the list!
Woodenbong CORSTP69801.0 1.0 S 28° 23.607E 152° 36.428New South Wales20/05/2019Found itI was passing through The Bong today, and decided it's about time to find this CORS. I didn't want to get too close, as there were people working close by, but the zoom on the camera did all I needed it to do!
Mount PikapeneTP31713.0 2.0 S 29° 01.192E 152° 39.721New South Wales25/05/2019Found itI've had my eye on this trig for 9 years now. A mate of mine had a cache hidden at what was the Mt Pikapene Picnic Area, a few km down the road towards Casino. I never found it. After I DNF'd it it all those years ago, he came out to check on it and confirmed that it was missing, then archived it. I always meant to get back here to see if this Trig was accessible. Out of the blue, I decided to check some maps of the area, and it appeared that getting to the top of the mountain was indeed possible. I thought I could see a white bloop at the listed coordinates on some satellite imagery of the location too.

So today I went for a hike, and found the trig, in very good condition - although the name plate is missing.

I took the required pic and then got the drone out and took some video. It's here if anyone's interested...

I've updated the trig listing with some simple directions on how to get there. It's a nice slog uphill. About 7km walk return.
LawrenceTP67611.0 1.0 S 29° 29.546E 153° 06.020New South Wales31/05/2019Found itI was working today - well somewhat working. While I wasn't caching. Knew there was a trig in town, so made the effort to find it. I think the vanes of the trig are gone and only the pole left. Checked from all angles and could only see the pole (based on previous pics). No vanes to be seen on the ground around the tank either.
Lismore TSTP129452.5 2.0 S 28° 47.673E 153° 15.796New South Wales09/06/2019Found itBeen meaning to track this one down since finding it on SIX maps a few years ago. What better day than today. Parked at the gate, ignored the sign and walked up the track. Came across a couple of blokes hooting around on their motorbikes. Said G'day, and kept walking up the hill. Found the trig sitting there peacefully. White paint is not as bright as it could be, but the name plate is intact and the vanes are all there too. A great little hike, and so close to town! Great Fun!
Fairy Mount TSTP129523.0 1.5 S 28° 37.567E 153° 00.904New South Wales23/06/2019Found itI’ve been up atop Fairymount a few times – but never logged the trig. Caches come and go up here. First time I was up here was to find Griffo’s ‘Turkey Town’ cache. Then I hid one when it disappeared. Then it was muggled. But the trig has just sat here and watched it all happen. There’s a bit of graffiti on the trig, but I don’t think many people come up this way anymore. 4x4 access is no longer possible, so you have to leg it. Not many young ones are going to make the effort. An interesting tower nearby. Two radio antennae, some solar panels – and an old fridge that that been here for 20 years. The electrics must be housed in it. I wonder what it transmits? The walk itself is a good track, quite steep in places. A good leg workout. It’s not too far from the carpark though.
ArraganTP64631.0 1.0 S 29° 34.451E 153° 20.207New South Wales03/07/2019Found itWas time to get outside again, and this trig, and a couple of close by caches were on our list. Once we found the right spot to park, this one was easy! Trig’s name plate is now missing. Great views from this spot – from Brooms Head, to the place we needed to walk 5km away to claim a couple of caches. A trig with a view. Loved it!
Drake TSTP129543.5 1.5 S 28° 56.403E 152° 20.147New South Wales07/07/2019Found itFound this one on a map and decided to go out and check if it was still there. There's some abandoned mines (just the diggings now) closeby so I wanted to have a look there too. The walk to the trig is steep. It's an old road - but only a hardcore 4x4 would get up here now. It's heavily rutted, logs over the path and bloody slippery with just the smallest shower of rain. As you walk up and get closer to the top of the mountain, some awesome views flash between the trees. It's now that you realise just how high the altitude is. Then up the last twist on the track, and the trig becomes visible. In excellent condition, except the name plate is missing. The northerly views from the cement pad that the trig is on are amazing - can see right up over the Timbarra area and towards the QLD border. One of my favourite trig adventures of all time. I'll be checking out the Richmond TS further south over the next few weeks.
Mount RichmondTP01133.5 2.0 S 28° 57.822E 152° 19.628New South Wales14/07/2019Found itI’ve had my eye on this trig for such a long time. Recently I’ve been exploring Girard State Forest, and slowly working my way south. Today, this trig was in my sights. There’s a lot of different trails can lead you to this trig, some easier than others. I walked in from the radio towers. A very pleasant walk through a few different types of forest. I was surprised to see the trig signposted. The Drake trig in the same forest wasn’t afforded the same luxury. The view south would be amazing from the trig, if the trees weren’t in the road. It was a cold day, at lunchtime there was still frost on the ground!
McPherson TSTP129661.5 1.5 S 29° 02.274E 153° 17.285New South Wales22/07/2019Found itI was on my way home from work in Woodburn, and I saw a little mount. Half a hill even. I thought, as I looked at it from the distance, “How funny would it be if there was a trig up there”. I could see something tiny on top glinting back – but trigs don’t usually glint.

As I got closer, it looked like a little solar array – probably an electric fence or pump for the nearby farm. But what’s that beside it… is! A Trig! I was on the main road on the south of the river, so I decided to make my way to get as close as I can.

I had to drive all the way to Coraki to cross the mighty Richmond River, then took the road back towards the trig. I got pretty close. I could see the trig clearly, and see that the vanes are still nicely painted black, but the white concrete was quite dirty.

The trig is on private property. I called at the house, only 40m or so from the trig but no one home. I decided to take a pic and do the formalities from the convenience of the public roadside, but next time I’m down this way I’ll call again and get a closer look if the caretakers will permit it.

A very unexpected find which I will log as there are trigs a lot further away (incl CORS) that we readily log, and I like having the database on GCA up to date with all the remaining Northern Rivers TSs listed.

Seems these days I get more excited about trigs than I do about geocaches!
Meerschaum TSTP129672.0 2.0 S 28° 56.066E 153° 25.442New South Wales25/07/2019Found itI’ve been looking for unlisted trigs lately, and this one popped up – so I went to investigate. The trig is on private property. There is an easement for access to the nearby comms towers, but it does involve driving though the land owners farm, opening a couple of gates.

I asked the landowner if it was OK to grab a quick pic of the Trig – he was OK. Wanted to talk more about the terrible condition of his driveway that he has just paid to get sealed. Any future trig hunters should check with the land owner before setting off to the trig. I think that’s the courteous thing to do, even if you can stand beside it from the easement.

The views from GZ are amazing – 360 degrees from the ocean to the hinterland.
Moonimba GSTP38522.5 2.0 S 29° 06.572E 153° 15.519New South Wales25/07/2019Found itI’ve had my eye on this one for a while, and as I was working in Coraki today, I thought I’d make a slight deviation and see if I could site this trig. Just as Cookie said, there are signs claiming that the area is private property, but there’s a quarry there so as long as you stick on the road you’re doing no wrong. A bloke working near the quarry gave me a friendly wave as I drove past. I followed the signs that pointed to the towers, and it wasn’t long and I was up on top of the hill.

It was just spitting rain, but my 2WD Hyandai i35 made it up there no worries. There were a few people at the big tower performing repairs to one of the buildings. They waved as I drove and parked at the lesser tower, which was also close to the trig.

Photos and formalities were done quite quickly. The trig is in good condition. Nice to see the name plate is still intact. The view from up here would be awesome, if it wasn’t almost completely blocked by trees. The small slits of landscape that you can see are breath taking.
TS6098 - QGS 525TP129683.0 2.0 S 28° 20.191E 152° 59.339Queensland15/08/2019Found itI've been wanting to climb Mount Gipps for some time now. I drive past every few weeks and look up and wonder "Can I get up there". The answer is "Yes, You can. Quite Easily too!". The track is bloody steep, but the border fence is there to help you on your way. The Trig itself is a metal pole, once painted with red horizontal stripes by the looks of things. There's another trig on the southern end of the mountain, according to SIX, but that's just to inhospitable to get too.
Mount MaroonTP07684.5 3.0 S 28° 12.560E 152° 43.714Queensland18/08/2019Found itMt Maroon climb today today – the weather was perfect. Quite a few others had the same idea, the car park was full. I started the climb upward then upward, then rocky upward. It was hard going. One of the most difficult climbs I’ve done. So dry and dusty too, making the track upwards easy to find. Finally made the summit and looked around for the remains of the trig. Found the bolt locations and etchings in the rock. Found these at three locations. I’m wondering if this used to be one of those framed trigs, like down at ACT. Shame its not still here. A trig would be the perfect accessory for this hill – it would really set her off.

Bloody awesome walk – grabbed two GC caches up here too. Sore knees now though.

I updated this cache with new DT rating, reflecting the difficult terrain, and the difficult search for the bolt locations on where the trig used to be. Nice to see a big cairn up here to mark the top.
Chowan TSTP129693.5 1.5 S 28° 27.288E 153° 23.296New South Wales23/08/2019Found itI had heard that this mountain was climbable and when I checked it out online, it appears that there’s a trig up there somewhere! Well that’s it…I must go. Parked at the gate and followed the fire trail upwards. This was quite easy. The fire trail is well graded and easy going, mostly with a gentle uphill gradient. Eventually the fire trail ends, and a rutted track leads upwards. This track is used for mountain bikers. The bike track merges then splits with the fire trail a few times before you get to this point.

So onward and upward. The trail is quite rocky and rutted – occasionally there’s a view over the Tweed Valley. Then there’s a lightly worn footpad that veers right from this track. It looks like it heads to the top of the mountain. It’s quite indistinct, so I just headed up until there was no more up, and there she is…the trig. Her fins are broken off and are laying next to the trig pole. The name plate is still present.

A good hike – 10.6km return. Great to have another local trig checked off the list!
TS6660 - ClunesTP75022.5 2.0 S 28° 43.494E 153° 25.116New South Wales23/10/2019Archive...and it's gone. The Clunes trig was removed today as it's close proximity to the road prohibited the addition of an extra lane, and the widening of the road near the Eureka/Federal turnoff. The fins were missing yesterday and today the cement column is gone too. I wonder where they take old trigs to die?
M.W.T. TamborineTP27961.0 1.0 S 27° 55.558E 153° 11.998Queensland28/10/2019UnarchiveAccording to the government Survey Mark Report, the trig point is actually a hole drilled in a crossmember of the microwave tower. So the tower is the trig marker. Very east trig to photograph, even if you cant touch it.
M.W.T. TamborineTP27961.0 1.0 S 27° 55.558E 153° 11.998Queensland28/10/2019Found itI was coming round the mountain today and had previously noticed that this tower was indeed a trig. Stopped and took the required photos. Nice easy one to find!
TS6660 - ClunesTP75022.5 2.0 S 28° 43.494E 153° 25.116New South Wales04/11/2019Unarchive...or is it gone... Apparently not! After speaking to some people about the fate of this trig, it is apparently going to be re-established at this location - but in a slightly different spot! May need to update the co-ords, but I'll un=archive this one now. My bad!
Tenterfield CORSTP65391.0 1.0 S 29° 03.287E 152° 01.195New South Wales19/11/2019Found itOut at Sierra Bravo Romeo with No_Tomorrow and we both had yet to find this CORS. Found it while parked at the carpark next door to the council building. Nice to have this one marked off the list!
Bilbroughs Lookout TSTP10993.0 2.0 S 28° 14.055E 153° 17.408Queensland24/11/2019Found itNeeded some adventure today, so decided to head to Springbrook - this trig being one of the main attractions I wanted to see today. I studied where I thought I needed to go before I left, and it was all quite simple. Drove up Bilborough Ct as far as I could then hopped the left gate. A short walk later and I'm at the transmission towers. I'm always fascinated by these things. Squeeze around the compound for the smallest tower array, and there was the trig - just inside the rainforest - right on the NSW/QLD border. Looks like there's a border walk - saw some pink tape. I'd like to follow this one day, and see how close to the Cougals it take me. Love the forest here. On a 35 degree day, it struggles to get above 20 degrees here - don't know whether it's the shade, breeze or just the elevation - maybe all three. 5 stars.
Chandlers PeakTP04982.0 2.0 S 30° 14.866E 151° 48.535New South Wales24/12/2019Found itThis is kind of a late log. Like 30 years late. Sort permission from the land holder to scale this little peak, which happens to be the 10th highest point ASL in NSW. I remember the day well - I'm the kid in the photos. I'll get back there one day soon, as it was a good walk and a nice view. I wasn't sure about weather to log this one or not, as I did find this before the 'cache' was published - however, the TS was in place and as part of the history of these things I'm going to log a find. If someone doesn't like it, feel free to let me know. And we'll fight it out Wink

It was decided by grandmother than we'd climb this peak, and she knew the land owner (as well as every one else in a 100km radius). So grandmother, aunties and uncles - grandfather and more close family joined us all for the hike up. Photos were taken, which later had to be developed in a lab, and that's what I've digitised and added to the log. It was a great day, great trig and I was glad to have these photos to remember it by! 5 stars!
Dangarsleigh GSTP27623.0 2.0 S 30° 34.703E 151° 40.523New South Wales24/12/2019Found itAfter visiting mum and dad down the road a bit, then finding a little cache trail and a spot of cache maintenance - this was next on the list. So much to do on this back road between Uralla and Armidale. I could see the trig from quite some distance away so drove to the closest point, which was a locked gate that led up to a rocky hill with the cache on top. I walked up the rocks, which were a little bit slippery, as over an inch of rain had just fallen - long overdue and very welcome. Upon investigating our usual suspect - I saw the remains of the old trig - the wooden pole and a rusty set of vanes, half buried with blackberry vine, and cheeky lizards popping their head out watching my every move. I do remember hearing that there was a seperate listing for the old trig, so I'll log it too. Took a easier route back to the car, then needed to keep moving - had a drive to Lismore in front of me. Loved this trig!
Old Dangarsleigh trigTP71073.0 2.0 S 30° 34.703E 151° 40.521New South Wales24/12/2019Found itOne can not climb the little hill and log the new trig without logging it's predecessor next door. Laying in the blackberry bushes, the pole looks like it's still in quite good condition, considering it's age. The vanes are quite rusted and bent, but still attached none the less. Certainly not something you see too often. I've seen old sets of vanes near trigs - but never a completely retired trig next to a newer one. On doing a bit of research, the trig was observed by Dept of Lands on 5/4/1976 - it was sketched and recorded as a set of vanes on a post, which was held upright in a bed of stone. The next Reconnaissance and Maintenance Report states that the trig was unpiled on 4/4/1977, and today's Conc. observation pillar was placed. It amazes me that the old trig has been laying there all that time, and the post looks like you could stand it up, and it would easy see out another 45 years. And that's the reason I love trigs. Mostly always in an interesting spot, and a testament to Australian geodetic mapping and cartography.
TS10806 - Nardi TV TowerTP130092.5 1.5 S 28° 32.734E 153° 17.257New South Wales19/01/2020Found itI’ve seen that is tower is classified as a TS on SIX maps for a while now – but never think to take a few pic while I’m up there. I wanted to get out of the house today, so thought I’d go on a cache check. I’ve got one up there. I also wanted to see what effect the bushfires had on the mountain.

I could hardly tell where a fire had been up there. There were some trees looking very sick, but there was still a lot of fuel on the forest floor. I know they were waterbombing the towers, which may have saved the neighbouring forest. The NP walk is closed (at one entrance anyway).

Made my way to the tower and walked the perimeter. Almost a view at one point, but then the trees get in the way again. It’s a spectacular tower, unbelievably huge, with its iconic shape that can be seen from the tops of so many other mountains in the area.

Love it up here.
TS12010 - BraemarTP130102.0 1.5 S 29° 03.080E 153° 00.138New South Wales21/01/2020Found itI had a work trip to Grafton today - was only a small job so I decided to check out some potential trig spots on route. This one looked easy enough to access, but doing the 750m or so walk in 41 degree heat with 95% humidity was gruelling. The terrible bushfires that ripped through this area have left such a trail of destruction - but grass and trees are slowly coming back. So good to see puddles from the recent rainfall. Wasn't long and I had found the trig. I'd read about this one. It was replaced in 2001 after the old one was destroyed. This one doesn't have a name plate or vanes. It does have three bullet holes and a small bottle of bundy on top. Typical trig for the Casino area! The views from the trig are amazing in either direction - I'll be back to hide a cache here someday.
TS6617 - LeevilleTP130112.0 1.5 S 28° 57.597E 153° 00.748New South Wales21/01/2020Found itCruising along the Summerland Way today - knew there was a trig here somewhere. I saw it as I drove past, but I needed to get to Grafton so stopped on my way back. I knocked on the door of a nearby house - I was unsure if the trig was on private property or not. No one was home. I accessed a paddock from an unlocked gate on the Summerland Way. Trig was only 100m away.
TS6550 - KungabarinTP30932.5 2.0 S 29° 08.107E 152° 36.330New South Wales23/01/2020Found itI didn't know how I'd go with this one. I wasn't sure of property access, or appropriate parking - but found it all relatively simple. This may have been made easier as only a couple of months ago the whole area was ravaged by bushfires, so I didn't have any weeds, grass or lantana to contend with today. I parked to the northern side of the trig, and made my way up an old fence line that leads right to the top of the hill. Everything had been incinerated - the fire must have been really hot, as grass wasn't growing here. Most places were lush green from the recent rains, but not this little hill.

As I got to the top, I saw the trig - the poor thing has a limp mast, which is letting his vanes dangle down low. Poor old trig did well not to receive more damage than this I suppose. Great to find it at the top though. Some great views too - the Clarence River can be seen snaking it's way around the lush countryside.

Was really glad to be able to put my name to this one. Hopefully someone replaces his mast with a more erect version soon.
TS5959 - PinnaclesTP34233.0 2.0 S 29° 33.339E 152° 56.240New South Wales23/01/2020Found itNeeded a ‘me’ day today, so called in sick and headed to places where the phone doesn’t work. I’ve had this little blue dot on my radar for ages. I’ve always imagined there must be a good view from this spot – and I wasn’t wrong.

I made my way from Casino down the Summerland Way through miles of burnt out scrub. Turned off before I got to Grafton and headed towards Companhurst. Deviated to the Pinnacles area and parked as far as I could go down Pinnacles Rd.

Made my way around the locked gate and followed the track. Must have been a small quarry here once. Looks like a lot of exposed sandstone and there are a lot of unnatural piles of rocks – but the trees are slowly reclaiming their place. I knew I must be getting close to where I needed to leave the main track and head uphill. I could see what looked like an old vehicle track – just two parallel indentations in the side of the hill that lead upwards. Trees have almost reclaimed this old trail. So I followed them upwards. I started looking on the small flat hilltop to the west. A few good views from here, but no trig – so I retraced my steps for 100m or so then went east, up a small rocky slope and onto a small hilltop. There was our trig – the mast and vanes have fallen but are located on the ground nearby. The name plate reads: ‘Pinnacles T.S. 1973’ The pillar is in good condition. A lot of loose rocks close by – I’m thinking this TS must have been a rock cairn before 1973.

Now the views. Holy shit mate – they are awesome, considering it’s not too much effort to get here. I could see mountains of the New England area to the south and west, and I could see for miles towards Casino/Lismore. My peakfinder app even said I could see Mt Nardi from here, but I’m doubtful.

This happens to be my 100th trig find too. It’s only taken me 10 years! I hope I get out more often and it doesn’t take another 10 years to find my next centenary trig. I was really glad that this was number 100.
Copmanhurst CORSTP69411.5 1.0 S 29° 34.853E 152° 46.411New South Wales23/01/2020Found itHaving a day by the Clarence - and decided to visit the tidy town of Companhurst. Everything is always so clean and pretty here. After the recent rains, there was green grass for miles too. A nice easy CORS to find - sitting right beside the town's water tank!
TS10920 - Clarence TowerTP130193.5 3.0 S 29° 35.100E 153° 16.629New South Wales20/02/2020Found itI've seen Clarence Peak driving into Brooms Head (and from as far away as Lismore) for years and always wondered if it was climbable. After a bit of research I found out that it is! Of course there's a trig up there - but on further investigation, there's a second one too - the radio comms tower is a trig too - two reasons to visit!

I parked along the road and jumped walked around the locked gate. Immediately I was attached by hundreds of mosquitos. But I had the day off, and if I didn't get up top of the peak today, It would be a long time before I'd have another opportunity - so I continued. For about 2.5km, the track was flat - a rutted 4WD track that crossed a couple of small creeks. Eventually the track forked with locked gates to the left and right. Taking the right gate I started climbing upwards through a couple more open gates until I was on top. The mosquitos followed me all the way, latching on to any part of exposed skin that I hadn't flicked with a gum tree branch in the last few seconds.

The tower was easily found, only 10m from the concrete pillar trig, but I didn't stay too long as the March flies had joined the mosquitos in pursuit of my blood. The views on the way up were amazing, and as fire has recently passed through the area, the lack of foliage on top of the hill meant I had some amazing almost 360 degree views.
TS5503 - ClarenceTP72363.5 3.0 S 29° 35.100E 153° 16.634New South Wales20/02/2020Found itI've seen Clarence Peak driving into Brooms Head (and from as far away as Lismore) for years and always wondered if it was climbable. After a bit of research I found out that it is! Of course there's a trig up there - but on further investigation, there's a second one too - the radio comms tower is a trig too - two reasons to visit!

I parked along the road and jumped walked around the locked gate. Immediately I was attached by hundreds of mosquitos. But I had the day off, and if I didn't get up top of the peak today, It would be a long time before I'd have another opportunity - so I continued. For about 2.5km, the track was flat - a rutted 4WD track that crossed a couple of small creeks. Eventually the track forked with locked gates to the left and right. Taking the right gate I started climbing upwards through a couple more open gates until I was on top. The mosquitos followed me all the way, latching on to any part of exposed skin that I hadn't flicked with a gum tree branch in the last few seconds.

The trig was quickly found, but I didn't stay too long as the March flies had joined the mosquitos in pursuit of my blood. The views on the way up were amazing, and as fire has recently passed through the area, the lack of foliage on top of the hill meant I had some amazing almost 360 degree views. I logged the nearby radio tower too as it is also a trig, according to SIX.
TS12308 - ClunesTP130202.0 2.0 S 28° 43.488E 153° 25.121New South Wales02/03/2020Found itI thought it interesting that the trig on the hill just past Clunes seems to have been 'relocated' - but on further investigation, the old trig TS6660 has now been marked as TS6660D - indicating that it has been destroyed. TS12308 and TS12308-2 are now in place, one being a new style cylindrical pillar with traditional mast and vanes on top. No name plate. The other is a static GNSS beacon. As they are both listed as the same TS number I think that both these components make up a single listing on our site.

Views are great from the top - will be better when the nearby road construction finishes. Currently the trig is marked as a 'Safe Zone' for the construction company.
TS6660 - ClunesTP75022.5 2.0 S 28° 43.494E 153° 25.116New South Wales02/03/2020ArchiveThis trig really is gone....but they have established a new one near by. TS6660 has been marked as destroyed by Spacial Services and replaced with TS12308 which is made up of a GNSS Beacon and a traditional pillar with vane.
TS6650 - Peates MountainTP130223.5 2.0 S 28° 34.726E 153° 22.306New South Wales08/03/2020Found itI've been wanting to check out this trig for a while, so made the trip today. I get to gaze out at Peates Mountain every day, it's this big huge thing in the distance when looking out from my front verandah. I drove to Rummary Park Campground, where there were a lot of weekend campers today. Decided to take the walking track to the mountain, then walk back via Peates Mountain Road. About 1km in the effect of last years bushfires could be seen. This made a couple of sections of the track difficult to identify, but most of the path was well defined. Eventually ended up at the summit, where an old State Forest sign remains, as does the footings of the old fire tower. Would have been great to see the views up here back in the day - but it's all quite overgrown now. A great climb, and the trig is standing in good conditions. A typical concrete pillar with nameplate is at the mountain top according to SIX notes - the mast and vanes were moved to a shed at the campgrounds back in 1981. A great walk and a great place to camp. Free BBQs at the campgrounds too, perfect place for a picnic.
RoundTP28532.0 2.0 S 30° 26.258E 152° 14.409New South Wales05/05/2020Found itDecided to do some cache maintenance today at Cathedral Rock. I hadn't been out since the bushfires swept through in Summer. A contrasting temperature today though. It was 6 degrees when I arrived. At Cathedral Rock I could see the trig staring back at me, so once I was back from my walk, I thought it was high time to mark this trig as found. Went past the gate of many locks and made my way up a good road to the radar facility. Found the trig and took some pics. Great views in all directions up here, including back to Cathedral Rock. I cheated on the way down and took the easement under the powerlines which had me back at the car really quickly. The summer fires made this a good route, with blackberry vines and tree ferns just starting to grow back now. Would have been more difficult if they were full grown. A great trig on a chilly day!
TS1124 - BoydTP130304.5 2.0 S 29° 50.799E 152° 31.081New South Wales08/05/2020Found itI was checking out a new area to explore and saw that Dalmorton State Forest is home to several trigs, so I put two on the list to find today. This was number one for the day. I wasn’t sure what I was in for – all I knew is that the dirt road out looked pretty wide and well used on Google Earth, so I had a chance that I’d make it there with my 2WD. The road out wasn’t too bad, a but rutted in places but easily accessible in a 2WD.

I pulled over at the coordinates I had taken from a map – looks like a 1.5km walk into the trig. That’s not far – and it’s on an old forestry track so how hard can it be?

Well, 6 months ago bushfires tore through this forest and every 50-100m there were trees laying down over the track. Most weren’t too difficult to navigate over. The real problem was the grass. The sticky paspalum was everywhere, as was a weed that had white cotton like seeds on it. Walking 1.5km through this grass had my boots, legs, and shorts effectively tarred and feathered. Oh, and the Farmers Friends were everywhere too. I had accumulated so much vegetation – not that it was a real issue – I just knew how difficult it was going to be to clean off later.

The track was really overgrown in some places, but the direction seemed obvious and soon enough I was at the end of the track, with an old school trig in front of me. A cairn of rocks was supporting a wooden mast with metal vanes, still in good condition. I am glad the trig survived the fires – just a few chars on the mast. I took the obligatory photographs and then made my way back to the car. I’m glad I got this trig now, next spring I imagine getting here will be a Difficulty 5, as this trail is no longer maintained by State Forests.
TS6428 - BlackholeTP130313.5 1.5 S 29° 51.095E 152° 30.200New South Wales08/05/2020Found itI was checking out a new area to explore and saw that Dalmorton State Forest is home to several trigs, so I put two on the list to find today. This was number two for the day. I was covered in sticky seeds from my precious venture to Boyd Trig, and was expecting this one to be a similar story.

I saw where the trail started and drove my car about 100m down the trail. That’s as far as my 2WD would go. You’d get another km further if you had a 4WD, but there are too many trees down over the trail to be able to drive all the way. The walk was quite nice – not too overgrown at all, as I believe this trail would have been used frequently before the bushfires hit 6 months ago, and downed so many trees over the way. After 2km of walking along the ridge line I ended up at the top, and holy moley – what a view. Seldom are you treated with views as good as this. I think I this would have to be one of my favourite trig views in the Northern Rivers.

Just up from the trig is what remains of a fire tower. I don’t think it was that old before the bushfire burnt all the wooden components of the tower. The leftover steel frame looks as good as new – I wonder if it will be repaired. The view from the tower would have been truly stunning. I really hope that State Forests clear this trail and fix the tower, but even if they don’t – this is a trig to remember.

Such a cool name too Blackhole. I imagine in the afternoon some of the gorges look like black holes. It's also the name of the creek in the valley between Boyd Trig and this one.
TS2228 - GlenugieTP130323.5 1.5 S 29° 50.039E 153° 03.812New South Wales10/05/2020Found itI’ve had this trig on the to-do list for a while, and after waking up unnaturally early this morning I decided to check it out. After a pit-stop at maccas for a coffee I was on my way. The pacific highway was eerily quiet this morning but made a pleasant drive. Looking at the map it seemed as though there was access to Glenugie Peak from the North and from the South. I chose the south route, and I think I made the right decision. I turned off the highway at Franklins Road, and not to far down a wide, well graded dirt road I pulled the car over and continued on foot.

The track started leading uphill, but not too steeply. Looks as though this is a popular place for 4WD enthusiasts to practice their skills. Once up the track a bit there were plenty of mud pits, then washed out rocky area, then a narrowing of the vegetation. The track split, I took the left path and had 10 minutes of easy, relatively flat walking as I circled the hill. Then a rocky track leading upwards approached and I navigated my way up. It was a bit slippery and very stony. I imagine diff and sump dints happen a bit to the mad 4x4 drivers who attempt to get their car to the summit.

After a hard slog up the hill I arrived at the top – vegetation is encroaching from all sides so the view is limited. An old fire tower sits atop the mountain, which would have offered spectacular views in the day, however the floor is quite rotten so I wasn’t going to climb it. Walking on to the rocky outcrop just west of the tower did yield some 180 degree views over towards Nymbodia, Coutts Crossing and Grafton.

It was then time to photograph the trig, which is located only 5 meters or so from the tower and is being caressed by the wildly growing vegetation, so there are no good views from the trig location.

Still, a great peak to climb. Up and back in 2 hours. 4.4km travelled. Close to the highway too. Crazy bastards with a 4wd could attempt to drive up. Would be interested to see if they make it or not!
TS5910 - SummitTP130333.0 2.0 S 29° 29.240E 152° 20.635New South Wales14/05/2020Found itWas out and about today and had this one on the radar after seeing it on SIX maps some time ago. Pulled over on the side of the Gwyder highway and walked for 15 minutes or so up the well graded track. A 4WD could get up here – right to the trig, but I was in the work car today. Interesting to see how the bushfires out here burnt the western side of this track, but the eastern side escaped the inferno. As I got higher I could see the whole area had been inundated with fire – including the poor trig, which was exhibiting the most limp shaft of any trig I’ve seen.

Really get a feeling of being at great elevation up here, even though the trees are just a little too high and block the view. There’s a small radio tower up here too. Would have like to climb up the ladder to look at the view from 10 meters up, but it was locked up.
TS6535 - WaratahTP130344.0 3.0 S 29° 29.742E 152° 18.422New South Wales14/05/2020Found itI’d just been to Summit TS up the road so though I’d check this one out. This one had a much bigger adventure than the last! I parked at the Granite Picnic Area, I was the only one here. I did a quick walk to the granite lookout – some great views from here. Well recommended. The signboard mentioned the Waratah Trig Trail, but it took me 15 minutes or so to find the trailhead. Because of the fires, dead timber was masking the start. The first 300m or so was covered with dead branches from trees that wilted over the track, then died. It wasn’t much fun walking and I almost turned around.

After that, everything cleared up and there was about 1km of good flat trail walking, really easy going and not overgrown or covered with dead timber. The track ended abruptly at a small creek. I jumped over, and sank 20cm into the sandy bank on the other side. From here it seemed pretty obvious that I had to climb upwards on the granite rocks. There were a few different types of trail markers. Plenty of little rock cairns, some typical National Park trail arrows, and some paint on rocks. The fires had scorched everything, so finding the path was difficult at times. Once I got further up I rejoined the proper trail after taking a slight deviation, and was soon on top of the big granite tor.

I explored the top, but couldn’t find a trig! After a good 30 minutes I found what remains of the trig, which isn’t much. There’s some bolts in the rock face where the column once was, one of the guy wires that the SIX report says were used to support the trig is still there, as is the pipe and nail. As there’s some remnants of the trig, I decided I would claim this as a find.

There’s 360 degree views that I would never have found if it wasn’t for this damaged trig – well worth the visit. After about an hour up top I made my way back, and did lose the trail markers again, but not for too long. A few scratches from the timber, and covered in soot – but worth all the troubles.
TS6136 - Olive GapTP22563.0 2.0 S 29° 08.861E 153° 23.149New South Wales12/07/2020Found itDecided I needed a quick bushwalk today, but didn’t know where to go – and the threat of rain was present. Had a quick look at GCA maps and found an unfound trig listed. After checking out the area on SIX maps, it looked achievable and wouldn’t take all day either.

So off I went at about 8:30 – made my way to the start of the trail and left the car there. The first 100m or so was very wet. It’s a low lying swampy area that must feed a creek close by. There was no way to avoid wet feet – but I wore my sandals for this hike anyway, so it didn’t matter. There were a couple of other wet spots in the first 1km of the walk, but then the trail turned right and headed up the hill. It was a wonderful walk, lots of birds singing and kangaroos grazing. It wasn’t long and it was time to leave the trail and bush bash the remaining 100m into the trig.

Found the trig in excellent condition – name plate is still attached. Took a few photos and then made by way back to the car via the track I came in on. An adventurous hiker could attempt to walk the 300m direct line back to the car, but I think lantana would get in the way. The scenic old road would do me, even if it feels counterproductive to walk away from the car in order to get back to it.

Half way back the rain started – only lightly though, which made for a very pleasant walk. The weather really added to the awesome experience in finding this trig today.
TS10204 - Ballina LighthouseTP130931.0 1.0 S 28° 52.023E 153° 35.514New South Wales16/07/2020Found itI was at work today and saw a new trig listed in the area. This is the first time I think I’ve seen this happen! It wasn’t far away either…and…I happened to be going that way this afternoon to pick up the other half from work.

Pulled over close by to the lighthouse, the weather was amazing and the views are awesome from up here. The surf was really rough, but fascinating to watch from up here.

There were a few others at the lighthouse, some having lunch or just admiring the view. I took the obligatory pic and kept going. Gotta love a seaside trig, and this one is so easy to get too!
TS4246 - TabbimobleTP131123.5 1.5 S 29° 13.886E 153° 12.322New South Wales22/08/2020Found itI’ve seen this trig on the map for a while. I even tried to access it once, but Glencoe Road was closed due to the construction on the Pacific Highway. Drove on into the state forest today – there was a sign saying that the forest was closed to the public, but I could see a few other vehicles here – some blokes out on their motorbikes. That would be the best mode of transport to access this trig. I managed to drive to within about 1km of the trig in my 2WD SUV – but it was dry. 4WD only in the wet I’m afraid.

I parked at a badly rutted piece of road and walked on up to the old tick fence. A short, but steep climb later and I was on top of the little hill – with a nicely presented rock cairn with a trig pole wedged through the middle of it. Great to add another one to the list! Even though the track/motorbike trail is so close, I doubt anyone makes the effort to get to the top of this mount to visit the trig.

Trig is in good condition, considering it’s age and the face that the place was gutted by fire last summer. The name plate is up high, and the vanes all present and accounted for. Twisted wire spaces them out. The rocky cairn is neat and the pole in good condition. A great little adventure to a forgotten geodetic marker.
TS5966 - DyraabaTP12522.0 2.0 S 28° 43.808E 152° 45.875New South Wales18/10/2020Found itWanted to take the new wheels for a drive over the Cambridge Plateau. It was a lot drier up here than when I was here last, which was over 10 years ago. I parked at the locked gate and made the easy walk to the trig. The radio transmitters and solar setup are all still up here. Someone’s been up here and slashed recently.
Sapphire GardensTP49662.0 2.0 S 30° 14.039E 153° 09.190New South Wales24/04/2021Found itAs I made my way up the coast, headed towards home - I decided to deviate and grab a couple of easy trigs on the way. Parked my car and made the short walk to this one. Some great views from behind the trig. Like the others I found down this way, the nameplate was missing but otherwise in good order.
Ocean ViewTP49771.5 1.0 S 30° 04.103E 153° 12.321New South Wales24/04/2021Found itDespite living not that far away, this was my first visit to Arrawarra. Great spot, especially up here on the headland with the trig. I grabbed a few trigs in the area today - this was the last one before heading home.
WOOLGOOLGA RESERVOIRTP49802.0 2.0 S 30° 06.682E 153° 12.542New South Wales24/04/2021Found itSuch a new view from the headland! I didn't realise it was a trig until recently. Quite a few up here today, as the weather was perfect and you could see for miles.
MacauleysTP64922.0 1.0 S 30° 16.706E 153° 08.571New South Wales24/04/2021Found itAfter a morning bushwalk, I decided to grab some easy trigs. I've stayed nearby in the motel and loved walking the beach - never thought to check for a trig up here. I parked and walked a few minutes up a well mowed path and found the trig easily. Shame they don't mow around it - the grass was getting quite long, but not to difficult to walk in and check out the trig. Like most of them down this way, the name plate is missing, but otherwise in good order.
TS6612 - TooloomTP132733.0 1.0 S 28° 30.975E 152° 37.411New South Wales13/06/2021Found itI know there's a few trigs on hills out this way, so I decided to go and find an easy one. I'm thinking the rest are not going to be quite as easy as this - and one's on private property I believe.

I was after somewhere gently to take the new 4WD for a little test, but couldn't bring myself to get it too scratched or muddy just yet. Give it time. I decided to set off in search of this trig. The road in from Clarence Way isn't too bad and would be fine in dry weather for a 2WD with high clearance. There were a few branches down on the road that could have been moved, but a 4WD could just ride on over them. I parked at the gate and made my way uphill. Steep at times, you start off in drier forest, then up and through some cooler rainforest before coming out on top of the mountain. The nearby firetower was opened, so I popped up for a look. Some amazing views of the hills around the Woodenbong area, and also down south.

The trig itself is in good condition, and even has a little fence around it! Name plate is still in place. Took a few photos then made my way back to the car and out of the forest. A great little trek with some nice views of the area.
TS6776 - CassonsTP132743.5 1.0 S 29° 30.614E 153° 21.172New South Wales27/06/2021Found itFound this trig on SIX maps and decided to trek out there today to see if it’s still around. I knew this area was gutted by fire late 2019, so wasn’t sure what I’d find. I parked at Honeyman Park and made my way to the sandy trailhead at the back of the mowed area. The walking was easy – mostly flat with a few gentle ups and downs on an old vehicular track. I came to a point on my map that looked as if I needed to fork onto another trail. The satellite imagery of the area shows it should be fairly pronounced, but things have obviously change since those photos were taken, I could not find where the track forked, so had to do some bush bashing until I had found the place where I needed to be and was on a proper heading again, albeit on a lesser defined path. I could see the trig on the hill, and knew I’d need to start my uphill soon, so left the lesser track and bush bashed 200m until I was on the rocky ridge of the hill, leading up to the trig. You want some long pants on for this one, the bushed are overgrown and scratchy, with plenty of charcoal from the fires that were here 18 months ago. Once on the ridge it was easy enough to find exposed stony ground to walk on until I was up on top with the trig.

The views were amazing, even though there is not a massive elevation gain. I could see boats out to sea, up to Yamba and as far north as Mt Nardi and The Pinnacle. I could see south down to Brooms Head and some stunning views of Wooloweyah Lagoon.

Found the trig vanes and mast a few meters from the concrete pillar – looks as thought the fire may have been the cause of them being disjoined. The name plate is still attached.

A great little morning adventure – total walk was 6.6km return.
TS6772 - Station CreekTP132753.5 1.5 S 29° 56.144E 153° 15.566New South Wales07/07/2021Found itThis one has been on the radar for a little while now. With a beautiful sunny winter’s day predicted I decided to take a day off and invite a friend along for an adventure into a little part of the Northern Rivers that we both haven’t explored yet.

We drove on into Station Creek Camp Area and parked the car. There were a few muddy sections on the road in, and a good-sized puddle to drive through. A 4WD would be advisable for this road. It was low tide, so we could have driven the car further into the Pebble Beach camp area, but we were up for a walk today.

Pebble Beach looks like such a nice spot to camp – I think I’d prefer it here than Station Creek – only because of the beach frontage. We walked the length of the beach and then up onto the grassy track that forms part of the Yuraygir Coastal Walk. It wasn’t long and it was time to try and find a way up to the top of the hill. We decided to backtrack to an area that seemed like a good place to leave the path, and after pushing uphill about 250m we came out at the Trig.

The trig is in good condition – and there are some nice views of the ocean up here. I imagine when the hill was cleared there would have been some amazing 360 degree views. We made our way down to the beach, which seemed more direct and easier – apart from a few boggy bits, then made our way over the rocks on the beach, which were quite sharp in places, then back to Pebble Beach.
A great day out with great company with unbeatable weather.
Red Rock TrigTP65612.5 1.0 S 29° 58.930E 153° 14.029New South Wales24/07/2021Found itDecided to get away for the day, and the plan was to have a look at a couple of trigs not far from out last adventure down this way, only a couple of weeks away. It’s been a long while since I was in Red Rock - nothing was familiar, which was nice to experience something new in our local area.

We caught a glimpse of the trig from our last adventure to Station Creek, and knew this should be a pretty easy find. We made out way up the headland and the trig was there waiting for us. Seems to have turned into a memorial for a bloke named Jay. Once the formalities were completed, we had a look around and found the nearby GC cache, then made our way down and admired the rich red rocks that this place is named after.

Such a nice town, I’m glad this trig bought us here today.
Browns KnobTP67043.0 1.0 S 29° 54.755E 153° 07.669New South Wales24/07/2021Found itAfter a trip to Red Rock it was time to head bush and have some walkies to this trig. My partner in crime had been here before, but this was new to me. The road was a bit slippery on the way in, nothing the 4WD couldn’t handle. The walk up from the locked gate was awesome. Everything was so green, and the track was not overgrown at all. On reaching the top I was surprised to see a firepower, complete with solar panels and a verandah. The perfect weekend house if you ask me.

On walking around the fenced off tower, we came across the trig. The mast had fallen off during the fires of 2019, no sign of the vanes though. I wonder where they could be? Rolling Eyes Think Whistle

A fun little adventure to get to this one. Highly recommend it!
TS4021 - SandonTP132774.5 2.0 S 29° 40.925E 153° 19.802New South Wales25/07/2021Found itThe weather was nice so I decided I’d make a trek to try and find another unlisted trig. I noticed that there was a trig close to Sandon Village. I’ve never actually been to the village as a 4WD is required, as a trip along the beach at low tide is the only way to get there. The ‘Sandon Back Track’ is now locked, and for use by residents of the village only.

I decided for the alternate entrance to the village today. I bought my kayak with me and parked at the Sandon River Campgrounds on the other side of the river. It didn’t take long to paddle across. The wind mas making the water quite choppy though, and I did end up quite wet. You could swim it, but I’ve heard it’s a bit dangerous to swim across at certain tide times – and it would have been hard to keep the phone and GPS dry. Today I saw a massive turtle halfway across the river. It must have been a meter across, popping up and gulping some air before disappearing below the surface again. The water temperature was really nice, considering it’s winter.

Once across, I stashed my kayak in some grass and wandered down a track. Maps didn’t show any trail to the trig, so I bush bashed my way in. A few scratches later I arrive at the top of a sea cliff, which was where the trig was located.

The trig is without mast and vanes, but they were located very close by, buried in thick grass. The vanes are quite rusted. The name plate is also missing. I imagine when the area was cleared the views would have been spectacular, but I only had to move 5 meters or so to a clearing and I could see the rocky beach below. Bit of a dangerous area, as it would be a long drop if one lost one’s footing.

As I made my way back to the village, I could smell someone cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. Such a simple, peaceful life these villagers have. I’m jealous.

A great adventure and I loved every minute of this one.
TS6641 - BulldogTP132883.5 1.5 S 29° 04.731E 152° 24.605New South Wales17/10/2021Found itNo Tomorrow and I decided that Ewingar State Forest was the destination for today’s adventure, and this was the first port of call. After driving through some amazing forest, we got closer and closer to our destination. Knowing that there was a ferocious fire out here a couple of years ago we were unsure of what would be left of the trig. We parked the car 500m from the trig and bush bashed in, noting that the topo lines on our map indicated a flatter, easier route if staying a little more north than the direct route.

50m or so out we spotted the trig, it’s pole no longer erect. The fire had indeed done some damage. The views would have been amazing from the trig location once, but trees and vegetation are blocking most of it now, so we ventured west for about 50m to an amazing vantage point across to the Rocky River area and the Timbara River.

A fantastic place in the bush with a fantastic friend. The day was great already – and we still had one more trig to search for!
TS6643 - NogrigarTP132894.0 1.5 S 29° 10.706E 152° 25.695New South Wales17/10/2021Found itThis was trig number two for the day – after stopping in at Bulldog earlier. We travelled down the road, which was surprisingly good for a forestry road – they are certainly putting National Parks to shame these days. Pulling up at what was once a vehicle access track only 600m or so from the cache, we decided to walk on up. This was a good decision as the track soon disappeared under the thick vegetation. Plenty of wattle trees are flourishing on this hill, and they’re well on the way of taking over the track completely…until the next fire comes along.
We pushed on through the jungle, I was leading and leaving a cloud of acacia bits for No_Tomorrow to walk though behind me. I can only imagine doing this walk when the wattle was in flower. You’d have little yellow blossoms all over.

Once at the top, the track went straight past the trig, which was good as I wouldn’t have liked to try and push my way though the more established vegetation. The trig was just like the previous one we had found – the vanes were still attached to a collapsed pole, due to the scorching fire that has been up this way a couple of years ago. The name plate is still intact.
The view up here would have been great if you could see over the wattle. There were glimpses of distant mountains to the East and South East.
A fun, adventurous trig to find – but it will get harder and harder to get here as the trees get stronger and taller.
TS6775 - Brooms HeadTP133653.5 2.0 S 29° 36.719E 153° 20.332New South Wales01/05/2022Found itSeems like ages since my last trig finding trip, so plans were made for a quick trip south, away from the wintery rain into some more pleasant weather. We weren’t disappointed either. Brooms Head was a perfect temperature today, with a fresh sea breeze and even a bit of blue sky, which is seldom seen in towns further north these days.

We drove up to the lookout first, and then pulled out SIX maps. A more convenient parking place as found and then the search for the trig began. At first we were worried that there was maybe a bit too much overgrowth to fight our way though, but we were going to try anyway.

Parked the car at a spot that was the trail head to a track leading to the beach, but we veered off this track pretty quickly and up the firebreak - waving to one gent on his nearby balcony as we walked past. Not far form here, the GPS was pointing into relatively thick scrub, but indicating the trig was only 30m away. We pushed in though the bush and No Tomorrow was the first to glimpse the trig.

No vanes on this one, and we couldn’t see any laying anywhere. It’s still nice a white but the name plate is missing. Would be a great view up here if the bushes weren’t quite so tall.

Photos were taken and the we explored the headland, admiring the areas wacky geology and the nearby little lake. It was soon time for some lunch though, so a trip to the fish co-op at Maclean was in order. A great day of local exploration with a great friend. No better way to spend a Sunday morning!
TS5927 - MooballTP133712.5 1.5 S 28° 24.635E 153° 33.446New South Wales01/06/2022Found itI saw this one on SIX maps a while ago, but didn’t know how accessible it would be. The area is fenced off with one of those wildlife protection fences that the Tweed Shire Council seem to love installing. I found one way in – the fence ends at the sports fields. If the fields are open you could walk around that way.

I found a faster way by parking at the end of Kellehers Road, then walking down further about 150 meters, where I found a hole in the fence that was easy enough to get through. The area close to the fence was slashed, so the walk uphill towards the trig was easy. I noticed that there was a bike track well carved into the hill just inside the forested area, so walked up that. It led me to the trig. No post or fins on this one – the name plate in intact though.

It was nice to find a new trig in my local area